Two kinds of people in this world !!

Yesterday, I was going about meanings of words and phrases which had previously not meant much to me. I developed a major understanding of what is merely an idea and what is the truth.

I learned about the two kinds of approach that people use in their lives, idealism and realism.

To summarize what I read and understood, an idealistic approach is what we see as an ideal event which we seek to achieve. I personally being an idealistic person, know that an ideal situation can not always be achieved and it involves a lot of thought process and ofcourse with me, procrastination in order to achieve that perfect situation that we have so created in our mind regarding any situation, be it a house chore or a work project.

However, a realistic approach is to organize and plan, keeping check with reality. Focusing on what today is, finding out the problem or the matter in attention, and then composing a set of guidelines and working forward from that.

So in summary, I realized that I’m on the wrong track designing that perfect world in my mind and working towards that, when in actual I’m missing one important clue. The present is the truth and we cannot change it, however, we can make it better by working out solutions to known problems rather than devising a perfect world plan for example trying to make a car with four wheels to fly, forgetting that it would be better if we start with a compact machine with wings that could fly.

I’m not saying that idealists are wrong, just saying that there is a better approach that I developed today. “Be idealistic thinker, but realistic doers”

Please share your opinions. I would really appreciate any positive or negative feedbacks. My goal is to share and learn.

Author: How to change the world

A free thinker with a mind full of ideas. I'm looking for a platform to share my ideas and get the support and motivation to implement them in the real world, in order to make this world a better place.

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