Intoxicant: Marijuana

The generation today has resorted to several means of experiencing euphoria. At first, it seems very enlightening as mostly it is done as a social activity, but people don’t realize how adversely it can impact their lives. Some people might indulge in such activities saying that it is a trend nowadays, however, they don’t realize the fact that drugs and alcohol has been available in this world since the longest times and is not something new.

Having lived in Canada for a while, I learned that this is a major occupation for most people who belong to that country and it spreads like a virus. In my opinion, all kinds of intoxication including marijuana are harmful to people’s health and mental lives. Although many might argue by sharing tons of websites which posts many health benefits of marijuana or even alcohol at times, trust me when I was a part of this recreational activity, I used to take the side of intoxicants myself. It took me some time to overcome all the side effects that had born into me and are still suffered by much of my friends who indulge in smoking pot. It is a complete waste of time and makes us sincerely a dumb generation of people. There is no point in wasting life over such useless things, rather it’s highly important that we should understand the purpose of our lives and push ourselves into achieving that purpose rather than doing somethings that we are at times ashamed of and regret later after committing those actions.

To all my readers, I would honestly advice to protect yourselves from such activities which you yourself know is very wrong when you are doing it. It might at times seem like the only solution to your problems, but trust me there are better things that are worth doing in your lives.